Have you ever wondered?

The research historians at Saving History love to research the seemingly odd facts about the world around us and we’d like to help you answer your “burning questions.” If appropriate, we can even help you draft and submit a Wikipedia entry for your newly discovered facts and stories.

Locating reliable and relevant sources is not always easy but Saving History can help. If you’ve reached a dead-end in your quest for documentation maybe a set of fresh eyes can help you break through some brick walls. Our research brings us into contact with countless archives and repositories, historical associations and societies, educational institutions, and numerous networks and websites that can quite possibly be the missing link you’ve been looking for.

Of course the Internet is full of countless sources; many verified and reliable but many others virtually worthless. Navigating your way through them can be overwhelming, not to mention incredibly time consuming. As trained historians and educators, all our work meets the rigorous standards of peer-reviewed journals with full reference lists. Delivered in APA, MLA, or Chicago/ Turabian format, you can be confident that our research is verified and fully documented.

We even maintain a database of reliable, verified, and often fun sites where information abounds. The database is free and updated regularly. We’d love to hear about the sites you’ve found and if they meet our sourcing standards we’ll include them in the database as well.

So, if you have questions, we can help you find answers. If you’re a DIY kinda person, take a look at the database here. Happy Researching

If you need help, contact us at 562-333-6095
Either way…get started on your project… because your story is priceless

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