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Linda Shay is a historian, author and history professor specializing in 20th Century Studies. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in European History and is a currently completing a PhD in Education. She is a passionate genealogist and family historian tracing her own ancestors into the 13th century. Linda is currently directing a World War II Living Legacy Project. You can participate in this project and follow her other research projects at The Research Historian.

Linda  has been researching the histories of individuals, families, and communities for over twenty years. As a trained historian with strong academic credentials she can accurately explain the details of your families past against the backdrop of historic events. We are all a part of history and the record is incomplete without your story. As such her mission at Saving History is to expand the boundaries of knowledge by making a place for everyone’s story in the historic record. Above all Linda understands your story is priceless and will be honored to help you preserve it.

When not visiting an archive, historic site, or teaching undergraduates, Linda can usually be found in her garden. She is a member of The National Council for Public History, Western Association of Women Historians, Genealogical Society of North Orange County, National Genealogical Society, The American Historical Association, Renaissance Society of America, PiGamma Mu Honor Society, International Association of Story Keepers, Legacy Stories and the National Council for the Social Studies.


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