Historical Research and Consultancy

We can research a specific time period to help genealogists add context to the names, places, and dates their work focuses on or provide rigorous historic research to help policymakers develop a better understanding of the past and how it informs policy choices.

We can even help your organization facilitate a community oral history project to preserve the legacy of a city or help you develop a more rounded perspective on events from the past that pique your interest. Simply put, we work with history; helping you understand it, preserve it, and use it productively.

Regardless if you think history is boring or irrelevant, you already use history to form your own unique worldview and that worldview is the lens through which you make sense of everything around you. Incorporating carefully researched historical information can help develop your perspective.

Our unique brand of research and scholarly analysis, which emphasizes the cause and effect relationship between historic events and personal experience, will help you see history with new eyes.
Let’s get started on your project today…because your story is priceless.
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