Future Public History?

Of course not all items of historic value are preserved for public viewing in museums and cultural centers. The vast majority of our cultural history resides in our very homes. On shelves and bookcases, in cabinets and closets; the physical things that represent our lives are all around us.

Look around your home or office, what about your children’s room or the garage. Are there artifacts or memorabilia that spark a memory of a past event, maybe even a loved one? Even the simple “catch-all” draw that is the final resting place for lost buttons, single earrings, and any assortment of do-dads that have no other home or use but don’t seem to get thrown away.

These “things” were probably saved or amassed for a reason but the longer they remain undocumented the more likely that reason will be forever forgotten.  In all the nooks and cranny’s are pieces of history, your history. Saving History can help you turn those memories into legacy and generations from now your family will very grateful for your efforts.

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